SRC offers broad international project experience in exploration for, and development of, natural resources, including the oil & gas and minerals sectors. Our team has worked in most of the exploration provinces in the world, having undertaken both multi-client and proprietary projects for oil companies, mining houses and national oil companies.

Exploration Project Management

SRC can provide senior consultants with international experience to manage exploration projects and / or dedicated multi-disciplinary project teams to manage work programmes for our clients. We have expertise in the management (survey design – procurement – supervision – interpretation) of regional exploration operations, including field geological reconnaissance, airborne and ground geophysical and geochemical surveys and seismic operations.


SRC personnel are experienced at regional and basin scales and have undertaken many studies to quantify the exploration potential of particular areas. A special expertise has been developed in basin modelling and source quantification techniques. Attention is paid to the definition of paleo-temperatures and the establishment of a reliable burial/uplift history using techniques such as Apatite Fission Track Analysis (AFTA). Typical projects include regional acreage appraisals and detailed prospect evaluations for license application, prospect risking and ranking and planning for exploration drilling. Through collaboration with the former TimeTrax team, SRC offers associates with specialist expertise in biostratigraphy, stratigraphy and sedimentology. Our projects are routinely delivered in GIS format (using industry standard ESRI software).


SRC can offer the integration of remote sensing, potential field, regional 2D seismic and high resolution 3D seismic datasets by multi-disciplinary teams. We are able to assist our clients on both exploration, appraisal and development studies. Our team has worked on exploration projects in many parts of the world, in diverse geological settings, and our geophysicists are experienced in interactive seismic interpretation techniques being familiar with the major commercially available interpretation systems. Our geoscientists are also skilled in traditional paper based methods, which is particularly important when working at regional scales. The range of experience covers regional scale exploration studies for acreage appraisal and license applications to high resolution 3D field development projects. Our geophysics expertise also includes rock physics, with specialist knowledge and experience in the use of seismic attributes to provide both qualitative and quantitative interpretation. The team is further supported by a network of associates providing specialised support in areas such as seismic processing and processing QC, gravity & magnetics, survey planning QC and field operations.


SRC associates can provide:

  • Advice on logging and coring programs that optimally suit the needs of our clients.
  • Detailed quality control: at the well site and or the interpretation centres
  • Quick look evaluation in real time
  • Post Drilling petrophysical analysis as either a standalone service or as part of an integrated exploration / reservoir study
  • Log data – core data integration

SRC geologists are also experienced in well log analysis and in the construction of appropriate petrophysical and (static) geological models. Project teams are multi-disciplinary in nature and the appropriate geological skills are always assigned to the project team to work closely with reservoir and petroleum engineers, facilities engineers and commercial personnel.

Reservoir Engineering and Field Development

SRC offers reservoir and production management support to upstream oil and gas industry based on extensive analytical research and development. SRC provides specialist consulting services in all areas of upstream oil and gas industry from subsurface through facilities and commercial to economic valuation. The following range of services can be fully tailored as per client requirements.

  • Integrated field development and management studies
  • Reservoir Engineering – from simple reservoir simulation through compositional simulation modelling to EOR studies
  • Material Balance Studies
  • Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Well Testing Design, Interpretation and Operations Support
  • Reserves, Uncertainty and Risk Analysis
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Integrated production system modelling
  • Production Engineering and Optimisation
  • Reservoir and Production Network Monitoring

Neither SAER nor SRC are linked to any particular software technology, and we are able to make full use of appropriate modern technology and work practices to deliver technical project work to our clients. Amit Madahar, one of SRC’s associates has developed the iPROM and DataPac software tools to support delivery of our consultancy services. The Intelligent Production Optimisation and Monitoring tool (iPROM) allows for real time production allocation. It uses a model based approach to determine phase production / injection from each source / sink and integrates PVT properties, Reservoir Pressure, and equipment uptime and availability into production allocation workflows.


SRC offers a range of advisory service to assist its Clients with evaluation of exploration and development opportunities, including evaluation of blocks in licensing rounds and opportunities available via mergers, acquisitions and divestments. SRC can provide experienced multi-disciplinary teams including geologists and geophysicists, reservoir and petroleum engineers and petroleum economists to deliver technical and economic assessments of oil and gas fields.

  • Due Diligence
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Farm-in / Farm-Out
  • Data Room provision
  • Opportunity Screening
  • Licensing round support