SRC recognises the need to bring together appropriate technical and commercial expertise to most effectively deliver on challenging projects and is pleased to collaborate with specialist consultancies as and when required. Over recent years, the SRC team has developed excellent relationships with a number of specialist consultancies including:

AustinBridgeporth comprises two global providers of geoscience services – Austin Exploration and Bridgeporth. Austin Exploration has been delivering land and marine potential field acquisition services since 1976 and have an extensive data library of land and marine gravity and magnetic data covering the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe. Bridgeporth was formed in 2011 by a group of highly experienced geoscientists to provide acquisition for non-seismic airborne and land data plus LiDAR, radiometric and hyperspectral imagery, processing and interpretation services to national and international operators in oil and gas exploration, mining, corridor mapping, and research.

CostOil Services provides a professional upstream oil and gas estimating service. Its partners have extensive experience in providing cost estimates for reserve reports, independent cost verification and due diligence reports for on and offshore assets around the world. With its experience in the upstream oil and gas industry, CostOil Services has a wide reaching network of industry contacts that can be called on to assist and help where specialist expertise is required, and provides a quality estimating service at the feasibility study, concept selection or independent cost verification stages of a project.

Geo-Bytes Limited, an ESRI Emerging Partner, is a GIS professional services company specialising in ArcGIS solutions for Natural Resources mainly in the Oil & Gas sector. Its services include GIS consulting, data services, GIS Training, solutions development and 3D GIS delivery. From desktop solutions to web and mobile, Geo-Bytes provides its clients with GIS solutions for all their business needs.

Geotrack International is a privately owned Australian company that provides an expert specialist service in Thermal History Reconstruction (THR) for oil and gas exploration.  Geotrack pioneered and developed Apatite Fission Track Analysis (AFTA®) technology during the 1980’s and since that time has provided AFTA and vitrinite reflectance based THR services to companies exploring petroleum basins worldwide.  Geotrack has completed over 1000 proprietary and multi-client studies across the globe and has published widely in the scientific literature.  Members of SRC have carried out a number of collaborative studies with Geotrack and we work together to provide specialist solutions in basin modelling and source rock maturation studies as well as regional multi-client studies in areas of complex thermal history.

Established in 1983, IGI Ltd is a petroleum geochemical consultancy and producer of geochemical software.  Operating worldwide, we offer the following services to the petroleum industry:

  • Consultancy: geochemical interpretation and basin & petroleum systems modelling project work
  • Training Courses: a range of training courses on petroleum geochemistry & basin modelling, and field trips
  • Data and Reports: a suite of geochemical databases/reports for various petroleum-producing regions
  • Software: specialist programs for collating, storing, quality assuring and interpreting geochemical data

Osokey delivers cloud-based data management, collaboration and data analysis solutions to the energy industry. Using the latest cloud technologies, Osokey helps customers to quickly access their entire seismic repository and capture knowledge spatially to maximise the value of their subsurface data.

We are passionate about developing solutions that are simple and intuitive to use. Geoscientists want to spend their time exploring data and gaining new perspectives, not looking for data and grappling with complex software packages. Osokey’s technology enables operator or national data repository data to be easily accessed by geoscientists anytime and anywhere.

Quality Seismic offers tailored solutions for the processing of your seismic data and for the merging of well and seismic data, including well ties, AVO (Amplitude Vs Offset) studies and seismic inversion work. Services include:

  • Seismic Processing – Processing of all types of projects up to 1000 sq.kms 3D surveys, both onshore and offshore datasets.
  • Field Processing – On-site field processing to confirm acquisition parameters and quality of data for 2D and 3D projects.
  • AVO and Inversion – Well-ties, production of synthetics, AVO modelling and seismic inversion plus reservoir attributes.

VolgogradPetroProject (VPP) is an independent upstream engineering and consulting company based in Volgograd and established in 2010. VPP aims to help clients develop their petroleum resources across the complete life-cycle, combing engineering and commercial skills with extensive knowledge of environmental and safety issues. VPP uses the ISO 9000:2008 as a management standard. We face Russian, CIS and International oil and gas industry producers.

VPP uses advanced software technologies and takes an innovative approach to provide projects and studies including: due diligence studies, reserves estimations, geological and dynamic modelling, field development planning, and wells design and planning.

Weston Stratigraphic has recently been established by Dr Janice Weston, a highly skilled and experienced biostratigrapher (specialist in micropalaeontology) , project manager and well-log sequence stratigrapher with over 35 years’ experience in international oil and gas exploration.  Weston Stratigraphic is able to call on an impressive group of colleagues from the former TimeTrax team with complementary expertise.  Weston Stratigraphic has UKCS and international experience; working particularly on the West and East African margins, northern and central Atlantic margin of South America, the Scotian Margin, Middle East (Kurdistan) and Eastern Europe.